Monday, July 26, 2010

Brother and Sister love...

As many of you know, Blake was a HUGE surprise to us. We were not planning to have any more kids for another year or two after Layla and.... Surprise! We found out we were having Blake shortly after we learned we had to move here. We were very, very scared at first and had no idea how we were going to handle all of the stresses. We also (me especially) felt really guilty that Layla wouldn't have all of our love and attention for very much longer and she would soon be sharing it with another sibling. Fast forward about 9 months and how much can change! We are so happy that are kids are so close in age and we could not have prayed for Layla to be sweeter and kinder to her little brother then she already is. She LOVES him so much and it is as if he has always been in our family. She always wants to hold him, is always kissing him and hugging him and bringing him "gifts" in his crib. When he is upset, she is upset. When he is happy, she is happy. She has not shown any jealousy at all, and for a toddler that is amazing. Since Blake was born Layla has matured in me and Tyler's eyes more then we could have ever imagined. We are so proud and impressed with Layla and we love our family of four and love the plan that God has put in place for us.

Discovery Place

Every day we get quicker and better at getting out of the house! It amazes me how many things you have to pack for two kids just for a couple of hours! In any case, this weekend in Charlotte was especially hot and humid, so we were all about finding things to do indoors! A really neat place to go in Uptown Charlotte is called Discovery Place. We hopped on the light rail on Sunday and took it straight into the city. Layla had a blast and even got to hang out with her friend Will for a little bit too. Blake on the other hand slept through the whole thing!