Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!!

We had a fun weekend filled with lots of great memories as a family! I can still remember very clearly last 4th of July when Blake was just a little over a month old and I was so exhausted and unable to make it up late enough for the fireworks! Boy, was this year different! On Saturday we went to Earth Fare's 4th of July BBQ and Layla was in a watermelon eating contest!!!! Can I just say you have not seen cute until you have seen a 2 year old in a watermelon eating contest!!!! Tyler explained to her that she had to put her hands behind her back and only use her mouth and she did just that when the whistle blew! Boy, were we proud of our watermelon eating girl!!!! She reminded me so much of her papa, who also is a watermelon lover! Her papa was sure proud when he heard about this! Next, we went to the spraygrounds and the kids had a blast cooling off. The humidity has finally kicked in around here and boy is it hot! Sunday night we went to the Whitewater Center and kept the kids up late to watch the fireworks. We were worried that they wouldn't make it up that late, but that was not even a problem once they started dancing to the live music, playing in the dirt (Blake mostly!) and climbing the rock wall. They were both mesmerized by the fireworks and Layla has still been talking about them the rest of the week. On Monday we had our good friends Sara, Lee, Samuel and Lillian over for a cookout. Samuel and Layla had tons of fun playing in the pool and eating ice cream. We had to move inside right before it was time to eat because the good ol' South has some crazy rainstorms that just come out of nowhere! What a great weekend!