Monday, June 13, 2011

Blake's first birthday party...Chicago Cubs style!!!!!

What a fun party this was for everyone! We were so blessed to be able to use Tyler's aunt and uncle's community pool, which happens to be amazing! After the food and cake the kids had a blast running around the tennis courts and playing on the playground. I can't give myself credit for thinking of the Chicago Cubs theme. That was actually Tyler's idea and so I ran with it! It was so fun to plan! I can't say enough how sweet and wonderful Blake is! This year has gone by way too fast! Happy Birthday sweet Baby Blake! We love you so much!!!!!

Layla's ballet recital

Are you kidding me....what on earth could be cuter then a two year olds ballet recital??!!! Words can't explain what a proud mommy I was that day. Just the fact that Layla had to be without me or daddy for 2 hours backstage was huge deal! She took her dance very seriously and practiced all morning. When showtime began she performed like a star. Layla has been dancing with the Harris Y, which is the YMCA near our house, for about 5 months now. She adores it and is just a bit obsessed. What an emotional day.