Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's 2011

This year for New Year's we decided to have some friends over who also had kids and were limited on options for New Year's with small children! We actually had a blast eating pizza, appetizers and enjoying the kids run wild. The night of course ended earlier then years past, but at least we can say we did something rather then sitting on the couch. We feel very blessed to have so many great friends who have small kids like us.

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Biltmore trip

The week after Christmas we were lucky enough to have daddy home for a week from work. Since we haven't been able to do anything alone for the night since Blake was born, we decided to take advantage of his week off and take an overnight trip to Asheville, NC. We are so fortunate enough to have Tyler's aunt and uncle in town, who happen to love our kids. Since they are our only family we have in the area we have grown very close to them. Silvia offered to take the kids for the night and so Tyler and I were off. We had a great time visiting the Biltmore Estate and enjoying a fabulous dinner.

White Christmas!

This year in Charlotte was our second Christmas here, if you can believe that! Hard for us to even believe. It was extra special for us this year because we experienced our first "White Christmas". It was pretty amazing. For a city that says they don't see snow very often, it's pretty funny to see the effects when it does snow. The town literally shuts was canceled, roads closed, and pretty much everyone stayed indoors. The snow stayed on the ground for about 3 days after, so it was perfect timing for us to stay inside and have the kids play with their new Christmas toys. Even though we missed our family like crazy, it was nice to start our own little memories and traditions.