Sunday, May 15, 2011

Latta Plantation

The day before Easter we had the pleasure of visiting one of Charlottes best "gems". We visited Latta Plantation, which is a resored and hostoric plantation from the 1800's. The set up an Easter hunt for the kids and had music, food, Easter bunny and animals. We all had so much fun and even got some great pictures of the kids. We are so enjoying learning and experiencing all the history that the South has to offer.


In this house we live and breathe ballet. You could say that Layla is just a bit obsessed right now. She is so adorable when she practices her moves around the house. She takes a weekly class at the Y and has her big recitle coming up with a new outfit and all. If you walk into our house on any given day when we are home you will most likely see her either downstairs listening to music and practicing her moves or upstairs with the door to her room shut and music blasting while she dances. We just love it.These pictures were taken during "family week" where family was actually allowed to come in and watch the class practice. Normally the girls all go in with the mommies outside waiting. They sure did put on a show for us!

Visit from mora and papa

Our visit with mora and papa was pure bliss. This was the longest I have ever gone without seeing my parents and boy was it time for a visit! We vowed never again to go this long. Skype just doesn't cut it when the kids are growing and chaning daily. It was an extra special trip not only because we went to Folly Beach the whole time they Blake decided to walk for the first time during their visit! He has been taking one or two steps here and there for the last few weeks, but suring their visit he was walking! What a fun trip. We can't wait for mora and papa to come back!