Sunday, August 21, 2011

Atlanta, Georgia trip!!!!

Finally, we have slowly been able to venture out to all the awesome states surronding us. Still amazed me how fast you can get to another state from where we live. Living in California my whole life I grew up believing it's normal to take at least 10 hours to drive to another state! Anyways, we had a great opportunity to take a weekend trip to Atlanta. Tyler and his good friend Randy are both Cubs fans and they were able to get some tickets to a game where they were playing the Braves. Randy's wife, Carrie is also one of my good friends and their son Will is easily Layla's best buddy (and it's safe to say her first crush!) We have been wanting to check out this amazing aquarium we kept hearing about in Atlanta, so we thought this would be a perfect time! We all woke up super early hoping the kids would sleep on the way (no such luck) but in any case, they were still in good spirits. We quickly checked into our hotel and then went straight to the aquarium. It was a pretty amazing place to say the least. Layla and Blake loved the dolphin show and also loved the jellyfish. There were so many amazing animals to see.Blake was so cute because he was trying so hard to keep up with Layla and Will. The three of them were best buddies all weekend. After a long day spent at the aquarium we went to a quick dinner and then the dads headed to the night game while Carrie and I attempted to get the kids to bed at the hotel. The next day we went to Stone Mountain, which was about 15 miles outside of Atlanta. We all had a great time there. We were able to go on a train ride, see a Yogi Bear 3D show and take a gondola up to the top of stone mountain. What a great weekend!!!