Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Washington D.C Roadtrip!!!!

We have been wanting to do this trip for so long! The last time we were packed and ready to visit the Donlons we found out I had melanoma, which forced us to cancel the trip! So, this time we were beyond excited that everyone was healthy and ready and excited to go! Terra, Sean, Aidan and Brady are the closest relatives I have living to us. Sean is currently working for the Secret Service, so they are temporarilly calling Virginia their home while Sean is assigned there.

Can't say the car part was oh so fabulous....more like oh so stressful. Our kids are not the best car riders to begin with and then add in a mommy who handed out way too many snacks in the car to keep them happy and what do you get? You get a 1 year old who puked everywhere in the car 5 1/2 hours into the trip. Yuck! Once we were there though we had such a great time! Terra was an amazing host and the boys were so sweet to our kids! Aiden kept kissing Layla and asking Terra if he could marry her! So cute! Here's some pictures from our trip.