Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lu's Birthday Dinner

We are in disbelief that our sweet Layla James is already 3! How times flies. Layla has grown into the most fun loving girl. Layla is always up for fun! She is quite the daredevil, but still freaks out when she spots a spider or a bug crawling around. She adores her baby brother Blake and loves helping him out and teaching him new things. She has gotten to the age now where she really favors certain friends and definitely has her group of "besties" that she adores. She has been know to be filled with drama and exaggerate things at times, but that's why we loves her so much! Layla is so affectionate and often says to us "I love you sooooo much!" I love that she is now at the age where we can have a full conversation together. She is quite the ballerina and still gets so excited when it's time to go to ballet. She loves dancing around the house to her "dance music" and showing off her moves. Lately she is all about anything that has to do with princesses. She loves watching the Cinderella movie and even decided she was going to be Cinderella for Halloween. She says, "mommy, I'm a beautiful princess" She has thrived the last few months in her first year in preschool and we are so glad we made the last minute decision to put her in. Layla loves to learn. She knows how to say the whole alphabet and can tell you what any number or letter is if you point to it. She knows all of her colors and most of her shapes. She is also learning Spanish in preschool this year. She loves getting attention and will sing a song to you any chance she gets just for the applause! I could go on and on about how much I adore this girl. We are so blessed that God made us her mommy and daddy. Our family would not be the same without our precious Layla Lu.

Here are some pictures from the night of her actual birthday, October 21. We did a little celebration at home with just the four of us. Layla requested a pink cake that I happily made and then on her own she added the princesses to the decoration. We ordered pizza and she opened presents at home from us and our California family. It was a great night.