Thursday, July 15, 2010

My lifegroup =)

So, the main reason I'm not crying everyday for home (California) is because of this amazing group of women. This is my "Lifegroup" through our church, Forest Hill. Basically it's like a small group-Bible Study. Because our church is so huge they strongly encourage everyone to join a lifegroup in order to further your faith in Christ as well as create strong Christian relationships. My group is led by my very first friend here, Carrie Brockway, who is pictured to the right of me. Anyways, we are all stay at home moms with kids all similiar ages. Besides meeting on a weekly basis for bible study, we also get together often for girls nights out and playdates, etc. I just love these women. We all support one another and encourage one another as moms. This is the reason I have become so much stronger in my faith since moving here and this is the reason I am not homesick...(not to say I don't miss every single one of my friends and family back home!!!) The first picture is of the girls and families at our first "cookout" and the next one is my lifegroup.